Surviving the Trials and Tribulations of University, Op. 3, No. 3 "Three Epic Things Before the End""

Monday, April 30, 2012 at 11:36 PM

The other day, I mentioned to my dearest mother that I know that I’m an adult because I pay bills. Yes, sir. This year I got my first credit card and rented my first house. I’m all grown up! Of course, like any good, cheap university student, I had roommates in this house, which was absolutely fantastic.

We all had a blast living together, but sadly it was not to last more than one academic year. Because of that, we decided to end our time together in the best way we could contrive.

Growing up, were there ever awesome things you wished you could do in your house, but your parents wouldn’t let you? For us, there definitely were. So it then occurred to us that, since we actually have our own house, we were completely capable of fulfilling our childhood fantasies.

As such, I present to you our three EPIC acts that ended the year.

#1- We turned the ENTIRE bottom floor of our house into a GIANT blanket fort. (If you don’t appreciate how awesome this is, get out.)

#2- We spent an entire day watching all three extended Lord of the Rings movies. Oh, and we ate ALL the hobbit meals of the day: first breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, dinner, and supper. In addition to lots of tea, desserts, and other fun stuff. Several of us agreed that this was the best day of our undergraduate career. Not bad, huh?

#3- We filled our living room with balloons. Lots and lots and lots of them…as in, well over 400 of them. I can’t lie; these were incredibly useful tools to vent out the stress of the exam period.

And with that, we concluded our year. My dear roommates, I already miss all of you sorely. I wish you the very best with the rest of your lives. May they be filled with as much joy as our antics brought us.